The Little Sunflower

A story of little Maya as she navigates the real and the fantastical, and is faced with a decision that will determine her fate.

Music, poetry, and narration by yours truly

Dive In

With this film, Arctic Fox as a brand wished to cement its philosophy of 'diving into your dreams' among its audience. The film brings the brand's mascot to life and highlights the brand's core beliefs through storytelling.

I created a score that captured the cold of the Arctic, and took viewers on a journey by using music to enable them to truly experience the protagonist's emotions.

The Tragic Tale of Zinat Mahal

As I explored the fascinating story of Zinat Mahal, wife of the Last Mughal Emperor, I created this melody that captured feeling of her journey - a tale of ambition, hope, desperation and loss. Read her story here

No Mi Without You: A Tribute by Xiaomi

For Children's Day, Xiaomi created a tribute video that was a collaborative effort involving hundreds of their own employees. I was tasked to create the accompanying soundtrack that would set the pace for the film and build to powerful climax.

Arctic Fox Brand Film

When brand Arctic Fox was launching, they wanted to create a short film that introduced their core belief - pursue your dreams with relentless optimism and perseverance. This film is a montage showcasing that philosophy in different ways. My brief was to create a cohesive score to this film that would accurately accompany many different scenarios - from a dance studio, to even an MMA fight - all while retaining an overall tonality of hopefulness and resilience.

Anthem of Dreams

My brief for this project was, "Imagine if Disney created a film based in Rajasthan. What would its songs sound like?"

I did some research on Disney's soundtracks, and I noticed that they generally had melodies that were universal, i.e. not necessarily bound by the rules of classical music of any specific culture. A universal melody created using contextual instruments created an overall sound that was both culturally relevant as well as globally palatable.

This is exacly what I did. I created a global melody and teamed up with a producer who arranged it with contextual instruments and percussion.


Hope, the Boat

My first professional sound score was for this 3D animation film for Paper Boat drinks. With this melody, I tried to capture a sense of innocence with a touch of melancholy as well as the brand's key emotion, nostalgia. I chose a piano-led melody with minimal accompaniment to create a simplistic melody that complemented the universe of the film