The Little Sunflower

Whenever Mother was feeling blue

Little Maya by her side would stand

Mother would smile and say

As Maya took her hand


“Hello, little sunflower

The glue that holds my world together

When you my child, are here with me

All my burdens feel light as a feather”


Sometimes cheering Mother up

Was tiring work indeed

On days like these the little sunflower

Couldn’t wait to go to sleep


For every night when the clock struck ten,

A silence would settle around Maya’s bed

And slowly, her closet door would open

Now a door to another dimension


From within the closet Maya would hear

Voices laughing, calling her near

“Come play with us, don’t run and hide

Your friends are waiting on the other side”


Maya would jump out of bed with glee

And tiptoe through the shadows with ease

And on the other side, she would find

Her truest friends, all one of a kind


Every night with them Maya would play

There were new adventures every day

Here, Maya did not feely worry or pain

Here, Maya was safe


For in the waking world things were changing

Eyes were watching, in the shadows waiting

And day by day, though Maya stayed near

Mother’s smile had begun to disappear


That night Maya shared her woes with her closet friends

The little sunflower was failing, her world crumbling to an end

Try as she might she could not hold it together

Mother’s burdens were no longer light as a feather


To Maya’s plight her friends replied,

“Poor darling, such a wonderful child

Do not worry, do not fear

All will be well, we are here”


“We’ll take care of everything”, they said

“Why don’t you stay here with us instead?”

Your days will be filled with happy play

No more worries, no more pain”


Their voices were soothing to Maya’s ears

Her fears melted away, her choice was clear

She reached out behind her, and closed the closet door

To stay with them, forever more


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